Our Slogan-

The Children who are coming on the earth

We will give them hunger free, poverty free and pollution free environment.

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the official website and thank you for your interest in the ‘’Bangladesh Advance Student for Inter-relation Council (BASIC)’’. BASIC’s is a voluntary development organization that was established on 17th January 2006 in Dinajpur district of North West Bengal. The organization is established with a view to imparting indigenous community based education among the under privileged youth & privileged students. BASIC’s has been working with some of the poorest tribal (Adibasi) communities where peoples have overcome poverty child & women able to fulfill basic needs & their rights are established. I hope, this website will provide an opportunity to visitors to share extensive information & learn more about this organization. Welcome valuable comments on our working reports & only other information so that I can see my selves in other’s eyes.

Thank you for making BASIC’s work possible.

Best Regards 

Shyamal Chandra Sarker.

Executive Director.