Bangladesh Advance Student for Inter-relation Council (BASIC) is a non-profit, non political & non- governmental organization that committed to enabling poor house hold in community to improve their lives & overcome poverty. It was established as a consequence of out standing social work of a number of dedicated much people in 2006.

BASIC’s is working together with the community, Funding Agency/ Donor, community based organization, the Government & NGO’s & civil society organizations to subdue root causes of poverty with a view to an equitable & just society where people has over come poverty & able to fulfill basic needs & their rights are established. BASIC’s is especially working for the socio-economic development of the under privileged community like; tribal people (Adibasi) and the disregarded. Climate change, global warming and environmental disaster is a great challenge of the present world. BASIC’s is playing a vital role to protect the environment creating awareness among the community people. Our interventions include many sect oral areas like; Education, Health& Nutrition, Disaster preparedness, Agriculture economic development, Skill training, environmental preservation, HIV/Aids prevention, disregarded women & children, Water & Sanitation, Disability, Legal awareness development & change their lives. BASIC’s has target to cover all indigenous minorities of the country gradually.