Ongoing Programme


1. Pre primary Education and Early Childhood Development Program 

Funded by: Technical and Material support from January 2012 World Vision Bangladesh  &  BASIC own fund 

Duration of the project: January 2012 to Continue,  Fund Utilized: Tk. 250,500/-   Location: Upazila: Phulbari, Dinajpur District.

Objectives of the project:

(i) To reduce Illiteracy and increase literacy in poor community. (ii) To build their educational capacity and prepare their primary school education.

Activities Performed: 

(i) Provide child education for children of women beneficiaries who involved BASIC micro-credit program. 

(ii) Since 2012 till to date among 850 children were educated under this program. 

(iii) Each Mother and Child Learning Center used their school center and BASIC field level staff to tech their. 

(iv) BASIC also support their School bag, books, pencil, note book and others materials.

2. Mother and Child Health Education Program

Funded by:  BASIC own fund, Duration of the project: January 2008 to Continue, Location: Upazila: Phulbari under Dinajpur District.

Objectives of the project: 

(i) To reduce disease in village poor communities. 

(ii) To help treatment, medicine, in poor communities. 

(iii) Reduce mother and child diseases. 

(iv) Awareness about vaccination during pre and post pregnancy. 

Activities Performed: To support village poor patient treatment, medicine every holiday in every week, BASIC selected village doctor to treatment their disease in BASIC selected self medical caps, Without visit or fee for all activities for patients etc.

3. Health, Sanitation awareness Program. 

Funded by: Upozila Porishod, Phulbari, Dinajpur and BASIC, Duration of the project: July 2012 to December 2015 

Fund Utilized : Admin cost Tk. 30,000/- Location: Phulbari Upozila, Dinajpur District.

Objectives of the project: 

(i) To ensure the proper use Sanitation and pure drinking water for poor community. 

(ii) To reduce water flow diseases. 

(iii) To ensure Arsenic free water sources for the use of safe water for community people.

Activities Performed: Undertaken survey, Provide training the beneficiaries, Training on tubewell maintenance and sanitation practice among school students, religious leader group, teacher group, volunteer group, Street noble, rally and micking, Orientation to local govt. members etc.

4.Tree Plantation & Nursery gardening

Supported by: BASIC own Fund, Fund Tk: 45,000/-, Duration of the project: 2010-2015

Location: Upazila: Phulbari, Birampur District: Dinajpur.

Objectives of the project: To increase plantation practice, To keep ecological balance, Reduce Nutritional Crisis in the local areas, Increase financial income in the family  

Activities Performed: Distributed Coconut Tree sapling among 200 rural household, Follow up Monitoring, Linkage with Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Marketing support etc.

5.Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) 

Funded by: BASIC and Community, Duration of the project: January 2012 - Continue, Location: Upazila: Phulbari, District: Dinajpur, Students: 1750

Objectives of the project: To prevent dropout of the poor children from regular education, Provide active support for continuation of education of the children of poor families etc.

Activities Performed: Provided necessary support to 1750 children who were dropped out form the regular education including educational materials, First phase1750 children 57 school center, Organized community awareness campaign on importance of education and role of parents etc.

6. Local Poultry Farming for Increasing Income of Ultra-poor Families:

Funded by:  BASIC own Fund, Duration of the project: 2012 to Continue, Location: Phulbari upazila under Dinajpur district.

Objectives of the project: To reduce poverty and increase financial income in their family, To build their skill on local poultry farming and increase money for their better life.

Activities Performed: Provide 2 days long training support on local poultry farming for 100 beneficiaries, Distribution of poultry cages each beneficiaries 1 cage, Distribution of 9 hens and 1 cock total 10 to each beneficiary etc.

7.Quality Education Programme:

Funded by: World Vision Bangladesh and BASIC, Duration of the project: January 2012 to December 2015, Location: Upazila: Phulbari, District: Dinajpur.

Target school: 2 schools

Objectives of the project: To increase quality education of the registered school, To increase community education and reduce illiteracy.

Activities Performed: Provided necessary technical support to 2 registered primary schools, Provide cultural and recreational event in the school etc.

8. Protibondhi Survey and Sustainable Development program for Disable people:

Funded by: Jatiyo Protibondhi Unnayan Foundation, Fund Tk: 50,000.00/-, Duration of the project: 2014-2015, Location: Upozila Phulbari, Dinajpur District, Beneficiaries: 400-500.

Objectives of the project: IGAs Program for Disable People, Support for Heath and Education, Family Earning Support.

Activities Performed: Sustainable Development program for Disable people is main activities 10 Venue IGAs Training for their Community. After Training their family Earning Support.

9. Stop Child Labour Awareness Program: 

Funded by: World Vision Bangladesh and BASIC, Duration of the project: October 2014-September 2015, Location: Aladipur Union, Upozila Phulbari, District Dinajpur. Beneficiaries: 250

Objectives of the project: To identify 400 child labourers of age 10-14, who are involved in child labour by a simple survey, To aware their parents not to involve in child labour and their by eradication of child labour and established child labour, To encourage the working children to go to schools for education.

Activities Performed: Prepare survey template/questionnaires, Provide orientation of staffs, Conduct survey, Monitoring and validation of survey findings (5%), Compilation and tabulated Survey report, Project staffs will aware parents regularly through personal contact, house to house visits and group discussions, They will discuss with them about child rights, child education, affects of involving children in different heavy works, future to the children’s etc.

They will also use different charts, posters, fillip chart, documentary film shows etc. for raising their awareness about the children’s future.

They will arrange parents gathering, meeting and workshop and seminars to raise their awareness level regards the bad consequences and affect of child labour how to build their children as future capable citizen.

The identified child labourers will be organized and aware about their future, value of education their rights bad affects of child labour, how to build them as future citizen and future parents.

Different extra –curricular activities like games, competition, rally, observed child rights day etc. to be organize to build awareness and encourage child labourers to attending schools for education and skill training.

Project staffs will regularly visit the identified children and encourage them to go to    schools and get education. 

10. Indigenous Community Sustainable Development for Combined program:

Funded by: BASIC own Fund, Duration of the project: December 2012 to Continue, Location: Upazila: Phulbari, District: Dinajpur. 

Beneficiaries: 3500 Indigenous Community People.

Objectives of the project: Economic development in Indigenous Community People, Increase Indigenous Community People skill and quality production system, Linkage building between farmers and service provider, Value chain development, IGAs Training.

Activities Performed: Farmers selection, group formation and baseline survey, Provide training on horticulture and marketing system, Linkage development between farmers and service provider, Monitoring and progress follow up etc.

11. Social Mobilization for Livelihood Activities:

Funded by: Department of Social Welfare and BASIC, Fund Tk:  BDT: 10,000.00 for admin cost and horticulture, crops and aquaculture input support to beneficiaries to bear BASIC. 

Duration of the project: 2013 – Continue, Location: Upazila: Phulbari Dinajpur District. Beneficiaries: 500 women/children/households.


To increase the quantity, quality and variety of foods with special emphasis on foods rich in micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) for target families and communities.

To enhance the intake of adequate and diversified diets among young children, women of child-bearing age and households through homestead and community food production.

To promote changes in knowledge, attitudes and above all, practices that will result in improved nutritional status of women and children under five years.

To monitor and evaluate the impact of the interventions for improving household food security and nutritional status.



• Identification and finalization of the list of households/beneficiaries and group formation according to the criteria spelled out in this document

• Community mobilization and social organization of the communities in the targeted villages

• Awareness/communication campaign to disseminate information on project 

• Support to organize training 

• Delivery of inputs and other goods and services to beneficiaries as per FAO guideline 

• Monitor and follow up of the project activities to ensure improvement of household and farmer field school gardens, improved food consumption and feeding practices of children under five years, pregnant and lactating women


12. Women and Child Rights: 

Funded by: Department of Social Welfare. Fund Tk:  10,000.00/-  Duration of the project: 2014 - 2015. Location: Phulbari Upozila of Dinajpur District.

Objectives of the project: To empower poor lactating mother, Save mother and children life, Reduce health disease and nutritional crisis, To build up their skill for IGAs work for increasing income in their family, To reduce poverty in local community and nationally, To ensure hygiene practice in their family, To empower the rural women etc.

Activities Performed: Main activities of this project the total 160 poor lactating mother are covered by the training services on mother and child health, nutrition, hygienic practice and IGAs with the concern of department of women affairs. 

13. Advocacy program for education of Early Marriages & Dowry:

Funded by: World Vision Bangladesh and BASIC. Duration of the project: 2014-2015

Location: Fulbari upazilla under Aladipur, Eluari, Betdeghee, kazihal Union porishads   and Municipality of Dinajpur District.

Objectives: To increase the accountability of the relevant duty bearers exist in this area, To update the information of different actors enhancing the occurrence of child marriage, To develop a platform/movement at local/union level for working against child marriage etc. 

Expected results of the workshop: Collect, compile the list of match maker, marriage registrar exist in the ADP area, Develop an action plan towards positive movement regarding child marriage, Strengthen relationship among the actors/duty bearers for sustainability of actions against child marriage etc.     

The Advocacy workshop on Child Marriage will be mainly targeted for duty bearers but beyond them different types of participants will also be present like- 

 Local Government representatives,   Government officials   Match maker   Local leaders   Religious leaders   Marriage Registrars   Child Forum Leaders.   Development Group leaders.   Victim/Case study

14. Disaster Preparedness and Awareness program:

Funded by: Pubali Bank LTD. and BASIC. Duration of the project: 2014-2015. Location: Fulbari upazilla

Objectives: To increase the Poor community Women and Child Preparatory Disaster Awareness Seminar, To increase accountability of the relevant duty bearers exist in this area, To help the needy oldest parents Warm Cloth the winter season etc. 

Activities Performed: Main activities of this program the total 120 poor Oldest Parents are covered the Warm Cloth. They save the winter season and winter Disaster.