Strategies and Ideologies Strategies and Ideologies of BASIC

Implicit in the programmers strategy is a belief in the efficacy of strengthening the demand side of the services equation based on felt needs of the target beneficiaries. The strategy of the development and training programs included the following:

• To organize groups for the target male and female beneficiaries both in the urban and rural areas;

• To provide the target groups with different need based training for improving professional efficiency;

• To promote awareness on socio-economic issues through education, training and exchange of technical know how for sustainable development;

• To mobilize youths for playing effective role in socio-economic development activities leading to self – reliance;

• To create opportunity for exploring and mobilizing locally available resources;

• To undertake different government programs for raising awareness of the target beneficiaries emphasizing on employment, health, sanitation, food value, safe drinking water, MCH & FP, protection of environment and other programs for community development;

• To ensure women participation in the development activities and raising awareness for preventing child abuse; cruelty on women, strengthening sound gender relation, increasing income of women through various IGAs

• To afford access to the target beneficiaries to NGO and Government operated credit facilities for income generating activities;

• To establish contacts with credit and other support services offered by the NGOs, Government agencies, international donors etc.

The Ideologies:

• Participation in decision making and promotion of participatory approaches at all levels;

• Self evaluation and constructive criticism;

• Mutual respect, unity, discipline and cooperation;

• Honesty, transparency and accountability at all level;

• Dedication and sincerity;

Objectives of BASIC:

The long-term objectives of the organization include:

• To organize and mobilize the destitute and disadvantaged poor, Indigenous community people, women and men to implement, manage and control development issues for their own socio-economic development thus improve livelihood standard.

• To improve health Education and Nutrition.

• To build awareness of the people on issues of socio-economic structure and their role in the development process;

• To improve health and sanitation situation of children, women and men through health education and mobilization of available public and private resources and services;

• To change the status of children, women and men through promotion of rights of children, women and the people of the community as a whole; 

• To mobilize community based institutions and develop institutional capabilities to address the social barriers through collective efforts; 

• To encourage people to come under BASIC umbrella to overcome the existing situation and improve livelihood;

• To eradicate poverty through utilization of internal and external resources;

• Campaign anti-drug education and to aware about AIDS & STDs;

• To improve health care facilities, MCH and FP services;

• To rehabilitate the affected victims of women & child trafficking & acid burns;

• To implement pilot projects to create employment opportunities for the target beneficiaries;

• To afford access of the target beneficiaries to NGOs and govt. facilities.